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Net Control Stations are always welcome. Please email Joe KH6FHI, if you are interested.

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Net Manager: KH6FHI Email: KH6FHI

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The nets provide the training needed in order to become an effective communicator in both the emergency and public service sectors. This four-fold approach allows the Net Control Station (NCS) and check-in stations to:

  1. Practice handling messages and traffic
  2. Assess equipment and communications capability
  3. Develop and promote brevity over-the-air
  4. Disseminate amateur radio information and related news in a timely manner


Practice handling messages and traffic
As an NCS, you would want stations to know how to properly handle traffic/messages by knowing proper phraseology and protocol when transmitting or receiving messages for another station or government agency. Likewise, receiving stations should be aware of the protocols used when handling with traffic/messages. This includes proper use of ITU phonetics when checking in on one of the regular training nets. On fun nets, checking in with easy-to-remember phonetics such as King Henry Six Jolly King George is permited; however, on the emergency training nets, please check in with the standard International Telecommunications Union phonetics. This standard of phonetics allows new hams and served agencies to understand what is being said. New hams and others will be exposed to "DX" phonetics later.
Assess equipment and communications capability
knowing the status of your equipment and communications capability from various locations is important. Net Control, check-in stations, and those already in QSO must be able to transmit and receive messages with little to no interference. Self-training, testing, and troubleshooting play a dynamic role in making sure that your communication gear is not only in proper working order, but is situated in a way in which you will be able to initiate contact with another station during emergencies and non-emergencies with minimal difficulty. If you are unsure of your signal into the repeater (especially those on portable or on the fringes of the repeater), please ask before continuing your QSO. If you are portable and walking, and on the fringe of the repeater, stop where you are and make your transmission. Nothing is more frustrating than hearing severe "picket-fencing" on the repeater. You will have to repeat your message, a time-consuming method that takes up unnecessary air time.
Disseminate amateur radio information and related news in a timely manner
Finally, brevity over the air is very important. During an emergency or public service event net, we must always assume that emergency traffic can and will be transmitted when you least expect it. By promoting brevity, you are transmitting a message that is concise and to the point; one that is not long-winded and one that does not take up unnecessary air time. How do you practice brevity? Listen to a few public service event nets and ask yourself, "what can I do to keep this transmission short and to the point?" Another good example of brevity in communications is to listen to police (if you're able to), fire, or ambulance radio transmissions. Mastering brevity takes time and takes a lot of practice, but when you get it, you'll certainly gain an appreciation for it, and you will expect others to do the same. If you would like to learn more about emergency and public service net operations, please be sure to contact our Net Manager.

Net Schedule

UHF Nets:

Health Comm - Updated 9/1/2019
First Business Day of the Month...1145W...443.425+ pl 107.2 Roundtop, 444.375+ pl 114.8 Waimanalo/Windward, 443.400+ pl 114.8 Mokuleia, make sure you use high power
FLdigi Tech Net
4th Thursday of each month...2000W...Honolulu 443.4250 PL 107.2 / Windward. 444.3750 PL114.8 / North Shore 443.400 PL 114.8.

VHF Nets:

Emergency Amateur Radio Club
Monday-Saturday, except Major Holidays and 3rd Tuesday of each month...1930W...146.880- overlinked DEM Systems.
Swap and Shop
Every Tuesday...2000W...146.880-
LDS Group Net
Wednesday and Thursday nights at 2100 local on 146.620- PL 103.5
Health Comm Net
First Business Day of the Month...1145W...See Above
Kauai Amateur Radio Club
Every Monday...2000W...146.920-...Linked to 147.160+
Maui Emergency and Hawaii State RACES
Every Monday...1900W...147.060+...147.020+ on Maui...147.040+ on Kauai

HF Nets:

Hawaii State HealthComm Net
First Sat of month...0900W...7.088...and 3.888 and 5.377 Alternate
California / Hawaii
California / Hawaii
Aloha Net
Daily...0900W...7.088...7.080...3.888 Alternate
Hawaii Afternoon Net
Daily...1600W...7.088...3.888 Alternate
Swap and Shop
Every Wednesday...1700W...7.088 LSB...40 meters
2nd Tuesday...2000W...7.090 USB...40 meters

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