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What is Amateur (Ham) Radio?
This question has several different answers, depending on perspective. We'll attempt to hit on all of them. The answer in it's simplest form is: Amateur radio is two way, not for profit, communication via radio waves.
Amateur radio utilizes frequency bands, designated by the FCC as non-commercial, to communicate for fun as a hobby, for practice as emergency communications, or for training to bring up new Hams in the hobby.
There are many methods of communicating on these frequencies; including voice(phone), morse code(CW), digital(packet, PSK-31, D-star), VoIP(Echolink), and television(ATV).

How do I get into the hobby?
Since communication on the amateur frequencies requires a license, the short answer is to get licensed. However, I know that won't answer your question. So, the best way to get started is to get involved with a local club (such as ours), or start learning from a friend who is a licensed amateur.
Additionally, there are hundreds of books on the subject of amateur radio. Pick up one or two of these and learn on your own. Then you can get licensed and get involved in a local club to "tune" your knowledge towards practical experience.

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