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There is no such thing as an organized emergency...
Practice and preparedness are key to leading others through a disaster.

Charter Of Incorporation - Article III

OBJECTIVES AND PURPOSES: The objects and purpose of the corporation shall be:

  1. To provide an organization for those persons interested in amateur radio transmission, reception and experimentation, and encourage same in the RACES, ARES, and MARS activities, and especially to keep up an interest and to organize said amateur radio operations in emergency communications.
  2. To operate a class or classes among members and others in the community interested in radio communication for the purpose of training radio operators in the act of emergency communications, as well as to operate a class or classes for the purpose of teaching persons more about the art of the transmission of radio messages and the art of electronic and radio transmission.
  3. To operate and maintain a maintenance shop for the maintenance of equipment and the training of technicians and thus encouraging the group participation in group projects relating to emergency amateur radio communications and general radio communications.
  4. To serve as a military radio affiliate.
  5. To own and operate an amateur radio station for the benefit of the members and other persons interested in amateur radio and further the purposes of conducting expe6r,nents and research relative to radio transmission and to operate said radio station during times of emergency for emergency communications.
  6. To promote the highest standards in the transmission and reception of radio communication and to carry out study and distribute information and material relative to same and maintain a library therefore.
  7. To own, operate, and maintain VHF and UHF repeater stations.
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