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Getting Licensed or Upgrading?...

The purpose of this page is to provide the latest information about licensing exam sessions for both perspective hams and those hams who are pursuing an upgrade to a higher class license. While we try to keep information as current as we possibly can, you will need to double-check before going down to the testing site.

Required Items:

Please bring the following items with you to the testing site:

  • one picture ID (either drivers license, state ID or a passport (if not USA Citizen)).
  • A social security card  (an FCC requirement), no copy needed.
  • Several pens and pencils.
  • Scratch paper for notes and calculations.
  • A calculator with a cleared memory (this will be checked before testing begins).
  • Testing fee of $15, subject to change (cash only, please).
  • Any previous CSCE certificate dated within 365-days.

Exam Schedule and Location:


Monthly at the General Membership meeting, third tuesday of each month.

By Request on a case by case basis Email Request

Click for Exam info

Contact: Joe Speroni - AH0A

ah0a@arrl.net or visit http://www.earchi.org

Testing fee is $15.



Next testing session, TBA

Contact: Raymond Moody, AH6LT
(808) 941-9239
ah6lt@arrl.net or visit http://www.qsl.net/ah6rh/am-radio/hawaii/cdarc.html for schedule and information

Testing fee is $15.

Exam Study Resources:

ARRL Exam Question Pools

QRZ Practice Exams

KB0MGA Practice Exams

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